Core i7 Processor Price In Pakistan – Updated 2022

The Core i7 Processor Price In Pakistan starts from 17000. Buy the best high-end gaming processors in Pakistan only from Zestro Gaming.

How much does a Core i7 cost?

The Core i7 processor costs 17000. The i7 processors in among the best budget gaming processors in Pakistan. The price is great and the performance makes the i7 ideal for mid-range gaming in 2022. The i7 processors come with 4 Cores and 8 threads, which are great for gaming. 

For low-budget gamers the intel i5 and Intel i3 processors are economical. For high-end gaming the i9 processors and recommended. All of the intel processors are great for gaming from low end to extreme gaming all are good options.

What is the cheapest i7 core?

The i7 4770 is the cheapest i7 processor in Pakistan. It is considered ideal for budget gaming in 2022. In some games, it outperforms the i3 10th generation processors. It is cheap but powerful, it costs 17,000 and delivers exceptional gaming performance.

Is Ryzen 7 better than i7? 

The i7 12700K is better than the Ryzen 7 5800X. The i7 processor performs better than Ryzen 7 in all single and multi-core tasks. The overclocking performance is also better than the i7. 

This all means better performance in both gaming and rendering although the Ryzen processors are good for streaming yet the price to performance ratio of the Intel i7 processor is slightly better. If you are looking to buy an i7 then it is a good option over the Ryzen 7.

Is i7 good for gaming?

Yes, the i7 is great for gaming in 2022. You can buy the i7 gaming PCs from our gaming pc shop in Islamabad. The 4 cores and 8 threads are the least for gaming in 2022. Moreover, if you want to boost performance then you can go with the high-end i7 models like the 8700 with 6 cores and 12 threads or even the i7 12700K which has 12 cores and 20 threads. 

The intel i7 12th generation processors are the ultimate gaming beast, they can support every high-end game of 2022 and if combined with 3060 ti or 3080 you will get the highest FPS possible on every 2022 game in extreme settings.

Core i7 Processor Price In Pakistan

Model Price
Intel Core i7-4770 17,000
Intel Core i7 i7-12700 73,000
Intel Core i7-12700F 67,999
Intel Core i7-12700K 83,500